Child Sponsorship FAQ

What is Child Sponsorship?

Child Sponsorship is the commitment you, as a sponsor make to change the life of a deprived child through regular contributions. It is a relationship between you and your sponsored child. This relationship is aimed to give a better life to the child while you have the satisfaction of having invested in building a new India, through our children.

Is Child Sponsorship an effective way to help?

Yes. The best way to change the life of a child is to change the world in which he or she lives. By sponsoring a child, you will help to bring about a lasting change in the child's life. Your sponsorship helps fund areas such as healthcare, and education of the children under our care. When you become a child sponsor, you can see for yourself the progress of your sponsored child's academic and general development

How does my sponsored child benefit?

SponsorKids aims to promote lasting change in the life of the sponsored child. Your support will provide a child with supplementary nutrition, education and health care. This gives a chance for children to experience a normal, healthy and happy childhood.

How long can I sponsor a child?

Child Sponsorship is generally a long-term commitment, up to 10 years or more. You can sponsor the same child for as long as the child completes plus two or till such time that the child stands in his/her own feet independently.
Occasionally there may be instances where the sponsored child leaves the programme, then if you wish you can continue the sponsorship for another deserving child.

Is there a specific age for a child to be sponsored?

Yes, Sponsor Kids shall sponsor kids between the age group of 3 – 16 years. However, if there are specific requests from the sponsors we try our best to comply with their wishes

What are Sponsor code and Child code? Do I need to mention this whenever I correspond?

When you become a Sponsor, we will send you a reference number, which is called the Sponsor Code. This is useful for processing transactions quickly. In the same way, when a child becomes a part of the Child Sponsorship program, he or she is assigned a reference number, which is called the Child code. We will send you these when you become a sponsor. It is necessary that you mention your sponsor code and Child code in all correspondence. It helps us to sort and process correspondences quickly, especially when you send your contribution.

Do I get a progress report on my sponsored child?

When you become a sponsor, you will receive a pack containing a photo along with the personal details of the child. After that once in every six months you will receive your sponsored child's progress report. The child will also write back to you if you write to him or her. Every year while you renew the sponsorship latest photograph of the child will be sent to you.

How are children chosen for sponsorship?

Sponsor Kids works with Plan USA, World Vision and Sphoorthi. A list of profiles of kids needing sponsorship shall be uploaded to website, from where a sponsor can choose the kid, based on their liking and preference. Additionally, if, there is no preference for a sponsor, we will select a child who needs sponsorship and send the details to the sponsor .You can also inform us the age group and sex of the child you prefer to sponsor while sending payment.

Am I the only sponsor for my sponsored child?

If you are willing to bear complete expense for a child, then yes, you will be the only sponsor. But if you wish to contribute only for education or only for maintenance, we will take multiple sponsors to meet the other expenses.

Can I sponsor more than one child?

Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you wish to. There are many children waiting for sponsorship.

What if I cannot continue my sponsorship payments? What will happen to the child?

We understand that financial and personal situations change. If you need to cancel, just let us know and we will find another sponsor for your child. Your child will not be neglected. SponsorKids will ensure that the funding commitment to the project is maintained.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

You can certainly write to your sponsored child. In fact, we encourage our sponsors to write to their children so as to get to know them better. Your sponsored child can also write to you. Many sponsors and sponsored children find this a rewarding experience. If the child is very young or does not know how to write, someone will probably help him/her to write or the project staff will write on their behalf.

To whom should I address the letters and cards I send to my sponsored child?

Any communication to your child should be addressed to

425 Metro Place North Ste# 510,
Dublin, OH, 43017, USA For quick reference and easy processing it is also important that you write your full name, Sponsor Code Number and child code Number either on the envelope or in the correspondence.

Can I send extra gift money to my sponsored child

Yes, you can send extra money for buying small gifts for occasions like your sponsored child's birthday or to celebrate his/her outstanding performance or festivals etc.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. You are most welcome to visit the child you sponsor. A visit means you can also see how much the children are benefiting through the sponsorship programme. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful for you as well as your sponsored child.

Can I adopt my sponsored child?

No. Sponsor Kids does not have license for giving children in adoption.