Donate Online FAQ

Is there any advantage to donating online?

Yes. When you donate online, you help twice over, as it is the most cost-efficient channel of collecting funds for SponsorKids.

Is it very complicated to donate online?

Not at all. It's simple and safe.

How can I be sure my Donation through the Internet is safe ?

You can be assured that all transactions on our site are safe. Online security is a primary concern and that is why the SponsorKids site is certified as a PayPal secure site. You can click on the PayPal logo on our homepage to find out more about online security.

How do I update my Online Donation details or change Online Donation method?

If you wish to change your payment method to credit card or update your credit card details, please do it online from our portal or contact our office at USA at 614-718-9223 or e-mail to

Do I need any special hardware or software to donate online?

No. But if this is the first time that you are doing any online transaction involving use of a credit card, you need to ensure that the transaction is secure. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on "Help" from the menu options. Select "About Internet Explorer" to find the cipher strength (encryption level) of your browser. If the cipher strength (encryption level) support is less than 128-bit, you have to upgrade your browser to 128-bit encryption.

Is it safe to give my credit card details online?

Sure it is. We adopt stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit card details, are protected. These measures include the following:

All your personal information is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party. We use industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Encryption Technology for data encryption. We have been certified as a PayPal Secure site. PayPay is a leading US-based Net Authentication Agency, which certifies that a site's transactions are secured by SSL encryption.

Why do I have to register in order to donate online?

You need to register so that we can send you a receipt. Registration ensures you enter it just once and not again and again.

How safe is my personal information with SponsorKids?

We are committed to protecting your personal information with us and we don’t share any information with any one.

What if my address or phone number changes?

You have complete control over your personal information as registered users on Sponsor Kids site. You can change all your personal data - name, address, phone numbers and email id online. However you cannot change your user id and password.

What if I forget my password ?

Please click the Forgot Password link. Enter your email_id, hint question and hint answer and your password will be mailed to you.

Are there any tax benefits?

Donations to Sponsor Kids are tax exempted under section 35AC and under section 80-G for donations made from India and for donations made in US it is under 501c.

Will you send me tax exemption certificate?

Certainly. While specifying the details of your donation, just mention that you wish to claim tax benefits.

How do I contact you regarding my donation?

For more assistance or information on donating to Sponsor Kids please contact us on 614-718-9223 or send an email to