Donate FAQ

How do I send my contribution to Sponsor Kids?

You can send it by Money Order, Cheque, Demand Draft or Credit Card (through Internet) or in cash when you come directly. You can send post-dated cheques or authorize monthly deductions from your credit card until further written notice from you. Please do not send Postal Orders and also avoid sending cash through mail.

Should I send money directly to SponsorKids Head Office, India or USA?

You can send your contributions to whichever Sponsor Kids office near to you. While sending your donation to

Sponsor Kids, India cheque should be in favor of “SponsorKids”
Sponsor Kids, USA cheque should be in favor of “SponsorKids of USA

How much of the contribution I send is tax exempted?

Donations to SponsorKids are tax exempted under section 35AC of the IT Act. Hence your donations will be eligible for 100% tax exemption, except donations towards Endowments. Kindly send your PAN No along with your payment. Donation towards Endowments will be eligible under section 80-G of the IT Act Our receipt carries this message and the receipt will suffice for claiming tax. The tax rebate is 50% under section 80-G.

SponsorKids of USA is registered charity under 501c3 and donation in favor of SponsorKids of USA is tax exempt.

How do I update my contact details?

If you have changed your postal address, contact phone number, email address or your name, please use the online registration page and click the “update personal details" link. Additionally, you may intimate us via E-mail or by post and this request shall be taken care and an acknowledgement shall be sent to you via E-mail or post as per your preference.

Why do you waste money on glossy and frequent mailers and appeals?

People lead such fast paced lives these days and have very little time to spare. Bearing this in mind our materials are designed to attract the attention of the recipient. Also, much of our printing costs are subsidized by our printers, who charge the lowest that is possible for them sometimes even at the cost of losing out on their profits. We try to average about three mailers a year. In fact, if you could share these appeals with your friends and relatives, it would cut our costs even further.

How do I contact you regarding my donation ?

For more assistance or information on donating to Sponsor Kids you may use our online payment method via the portal or additionally you may please call, write or email to

Can donate in any currency ?

We accept donations in all currencies offline. Online, we accept donations only in Indian rupees in India and US $ in US.